As residents of the Caribbean we all know too well how the humid climate of the Caribbean can allow the rapid accumulation of organisms like algae, mold and mildew to take root on just about every surface on the exterior of your home or business.

Unfortunately Pressure Washing Contractors in Trinidad & Tobago still rely on brute force.

Up until now, high pressure has been your only option for the removal of these organisms. All Aspects we specialize in organic stain removal with cutting edge cleaning methods adopted from North America which allow us to clean just about any surface on the outside of your home or business using safe, low pressure cleaning techniques - Soft Washing.

The key is to kill the algae, mold and mildew all the way down to the root.

This will allow your surfaces to stay cleaner for much longer than by just blasting away the top layer of filth with a pressure washer, yet leaving the remnants of living spores to quickly take root and re-infest the area.

Simply put, we believe we have helped take the Pressure washing and Roof cleaning Services to the next level here in Trinidad


We are

  • Uniformed & Professional
  • Genuinely friendly & courteous
  • Trained & Certified

We Provide

  • Extensive knowledge of the causes and solutions for dirty roofs.
  • Highly biodegradable products and safe methods.
  • We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.